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Custom Home Building in Bend Oregon is what we do. Our philosophy at Sienna Building is to make the custom home building experience enjoyable for our clients.

We’ve talked about the situations people get themselves into when they don’t use Sienna Building’s pre-construction planning services. We’ve also described our client’s experiences that have gone through the entire process, and have enjoyed it immensely due to the initial work we did together during the pre-construction planning. Now, we get to the nitty-gritty of what is entailed.

Meaningful Pre-Construction services bring value, potential cost savings, and informed decision-making to you while eliminating surprises to provide a more predictable outcome. We take the value analysis process very seriously, with your budget and project needs in mind. For each value analysis suggestion we offer alternatives that weigh the cost implications and take into consideration the costs, product durability, esthetic value and ease of operation for each suggestion.

We use proven methodology and experience to bring you the most accurate cost estimates, including:

  • Calling upon our recent construction projects for comparison
  • Utilizing hard bid labor and material bid information
  • Detailed specification development

As part of our Pre-Construction services, Sienna Building:

  • Facilitates a project kickoff and review meeting with the client and the design team to assemble all known and anecdotal project information
  • Manages the pre-construction process with regularly-scheduled reviews of design changes and pricing to ensure that all members are fully aware of budget and schedule
  • Ensures bid packages meet the needs of the client and encourage local involvement wherever possible
  • Performs design, coordination, and constructability reviews to ensure that all of the plans are reviewed from a building perspective
  • Provides a master project schedule that includes design, estimating and construction and occupancy/activation milestones

It is our hope that more homeowners understand the importance of proper Pre-Construction Planning in residential construction and hire builders to provide fee based consulting services to their clients, before engaging in a building contract.

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