Open Books

You See Where Your Money is Going Every Step of the Way.

We Believe sharing Timely and Accurate Information as a Team is Critical to the Success of Your Project.

In fact, we advise you of areas to save money or direct your investment to areas that will give you the best return on investment when you sell your home, better energy performance or provide an amenity that you “really want” while staying within your budget.

We realize that everyone has a budget, so we won’t take on a project unless your requirements are met.  Once the requirements are in place, we address your hopes and prioritize those ‘nice to have’ items, but make sure you are educated as to how we can include them without pushing your budget.

Finally, we’ll look at your dreams.  Your dreams may or may not fit in the remaining budget.  If we can deliver on some of those dreams, we will; if they are simply out of reach, we’ll tell you that as well.

To define all the above we will create a set of Custom Home Specifications for your project that will detail the materials you want in your home.  Taking those specifications from your Construction Documents we will then create a Line Item Budget to share in detail with you.  You will know the cost of each piece of the home and together we will determine your final budget.

At the end of the day you have hired us to build your home for you but we both know it is more than that.

We have appreciated the “Open Books” philosophy in dealing with a client. Specifically, the online system he employs has allowed us to monitor the up-to-the-minute construction costs.

You have hired us to partner with you on one of the most important purchases of your life.  We do not take that trust lightly and know that providing you access to your project accounting is the right thing to do.

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