Our Process

Having proper planning, process and technology in place allows us to deliver a finished product to our clients faster, at a lower cost yet without sacrificing quality.

This makes working with Sienna Building an outstanding experience.

Pre-Construction Planning

This is where you get to “test drive” us as your builder. Before you have to commit to a building contract, we have you sign a professional services agreement and pay a nominal fee (about one half a percent of your building budget.)  With this agreement in place, we work together to develop all of the specifications and provide you a line item budget for your future home. If for some reason you no longer want to work with us, you have not wasted your money because you can take this information to any other builder knowing your home’s construction cost.


  • Lot Review/ Lot Selection

If you own a lot we will provide a lot review report giving you information on how best to construct a home on the property. If you do not own a lot, we will assist you in finding one that meets your budget and lifestyle.

  • Plan Review/Home Design

If you have building plans we will provide a plan review report giving you information about the challenges or advantages of your plan. If you do not have a plan, we can design permit ready building plans for you.

  • Specifications Development/Line Item Budget

This is where we choose every detail of home from roofing to light fixtures. Properly written specifications are probably the most important things you can do when it comes to custom home construction because it will limit questions and clear up discrepancies before they become a problem.  Once the specifications have been developed we take the building plans and specifications and get “real world” estimates from all of the suppliers and subcontractors it takes to build your home.


“I would highly recommend going through the pre-construction planning process. The quality of the planning and design was excellent. The ability to design the home exactly as you want is well worth the money.”

J. Rolin


“I have no doubt that prospective clients can look forward to a design and pre-construction process that is well-planned, well-executed, and within budget. Prospective clients should take much comfort in knowing that you offer a process that takes out much of the stress and uncertainty that comes with building a custom home.We’ve seen the alternative; we spent a good deal of money (with another builder and designer) on design and came out with nothing but a great plan and an idea for a house that we simply couldn’t afford. The difference you made is that while we again came through with a beautiful design, this time we were also provided with a transparent and predictable process, as well as an accurate construction budget that we could afford and plan for.

The design and planning experience you’ve put together is invaluable, especially for people like us who have not built a house before and are, by and large, pretty ignorant as to the process. It’s very comforting to know that someone with your experience, vision, and tenacity is working to ensure that our house exceeds expectations and is finished on time and within budget.”

C. Bell Bend, Oregon

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