Plan now, reap the benefits later

Custom Home Building in Bend Oregon is what we do. Our philosophy at Sienna Building is to make the custom home building experience enjoyable for our clients.

Over the past few months we have met with two couples who did not invest in pre-construction planning. But why? First, they both went about the design of their homes without focusing on the number one item first, THE BUDGET. Second, neither of them hired Sienna Building to complete the Pre-Construction Planning for their homes, albeit after the fact. The first reason is easy to understand. Most people are very emotional when it comes to designing and building a home. Maybe their enthusiasm got in the way of their better judgment, or maybe they only heard what they want to hear. Regardless, it is foreign territory to most people.

The second is a little harder to pin down. Most builders don’t go about trying to bid for a fee because they probably feel that the buyer will resist this. We understand that we are working against the status quo but when you see the results of the status quo, it sure makes sense to work against it. Were these two couples just not willing to hear what they didn’t want to hear? Maybe they were just unwilling to invest more money into something that “in their mind” was a losing proposition. I always chalk these up to “we can’t help the ones unwilling to listen.”

On the flip side let’s talk about how it goes when Pre-construction planning goes right. Here is what our most recent client said about our services.

“It was a two-part process: A Pre-construction Planning Phase and a Construction Phase. The way the process was designed made us feel very comfortable to move forward. The process was open and easy. What might have been a difficult process for us simply wasn’t.

Pre-construction included everything required to get the home designed and blueprinted for a fee. We could take our blueprints at that point and hire a different builder if we chose, or hire Sienna Building. The two-phase process made us feel comfortable enough to move forward. During that time, we never considered looking for a different builder. We felt comfortable that if we were going to be able to build our new home, Steve was going to be the guy to do it.” R. Ross

Words like “very comfortable, open, and easy” are exactly how we want our client to feel before they sign a building contract with us. By taking the time to plan and budget for our client’s house, they had a stress-free building experience and are actually disappointed that the process is over because they enjoyed it so much!

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