Pre-Construction Planning will save you heartache down the road

Custom Home Building in Bend Oregon is what we do. Our philosophy at Sienna Building is to make the custom home building experience enjoyable for our clients.
In our last blog, we were talking about what can happen when pre-construction planning is not part of your building process. Recently we were approached by a couple who did almost the exactly the same thing as the last couple, designing a home without pre-construction planning. In this case, however, they were working closely with a builder. They designed a beautiful home, had a budget of $200.00 per square foot and supposedly designed to that budget. At the end of the design process, the builder came back and said he could no longer build the home for $200.00 per square foot, leaving the unsuspecting homeowners anxious, frustrated and feeling betrayed.

We met with the couple to go over the plans and explain our Pre-Construction Planning process to them. We asked them a couple of really basic questions about their budget and the design. It was easy to show them how we could have easily saved them money during the design process. We then asked them if the previous builder ever asked these questions. Of course the answer was no. After investing over $20,000.00 in design this couple hopes to have the home built for their original budget.

What do these two scenarios have in common? First, they both went about the design of their homes without focusing on the number one item first, THE BUDGET. Second, neither of them hired Sienna Building to complete the Pre-Construction Planning for their homes, albeit after the fact.

Next time: We’ll explain what is involved in our Pre-Construction Planning system. You’ll hear from an actual client who reaped the benefits of using our proven system.

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